Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Where does the Company's office located? Can I come there?

Our office address:17-21 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom, N1 7SL .Working hours: Monday - Saturday 9am to 5pm ,Sunday - Closed.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via:Contact form Our e-mail: [email protected] or use our support form.

How to become your partner?

To become our partner you have to complete sign up procedure. You can find affilicate link in your account profile.

Can I register more than one account?

No, it is prohibited. You can have only one account registered from one PC or IP address.

Do I need to submit any documents to pass the identity verification before investing or before withdrawing the funds?

No and However, once the rules are violated, authentication must be submitted.

What about the profile for investors?

Once the registration information can not be modified after the registration, and does not allow the same ip have multiple accounts, which will trigger the authentication mechanism is automatically stopped by the system.

Investment Questions
How can I invest?

You need to register an account. Then you have the possibility to make investments.

Which payment systems do you accept?

At the current we accept: BitCoin, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bankwire, LiteCoin.List of payment systems will be expanded in the future.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept:USD / EUR / BTC

What should I do if I don't have a wallet in the e-commerce payment system?

Within a few minutes, you can create a wallet in one of the provided payment systems on their websites: After that you should only exchange your funds, choosing one of the exchange services. After you will complete these steps, you are ready to invest.

What are the minimum and the maximum investment amounts?

The minimum investment amount is equal $ 20.The maxium deposit amount is $100,000.

Is there a limit on the amount I can purchase?

There is no restriction on the amount of investment transactions.

Can I make reinvestments?

Yes, you can reinvest.However, we do not allow compounding of investments from your account balance.

Can I request my investments back?

You can't do that. You can only get everyday's profit as it is said in the contract.

How much time does it take for you to accept my payment?

Usually it is instantly for Payeer, Perfect Money and Advanced Cash, but it can take 1 confirmation for BitCoin transaction.

How is the interest paid?

Every hour you get the interest on your plan. That means that you can withdraw money every hour as it arrives at your balance.

To which payment system do the interest comes?

The interest comes to the balance of the payment system through which the plan was paid. You can't buy plan paying from one payment system and withdraw profit to another one payment system.

Can i create several investments?

Yes, you can create several investments in same plan at same time,however different plans Is not allowed in the same time. The different payment system investments is limited in the same account.

Are there additional hidden terms?

The only one rule left is the system don't allow multi plans active in the same time and No cross-investment is permitted. Deposits in same plan in the same time are accepted.

Withdrawal Questions
When can I withdraw my interest?

You can withdraw your interest right every hour.Once there is balance, you can withdraw always.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds?

The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 0.1 / BTC 0.002

How long does it take to withdraw money?

The withdrawal process is processed in 48 hours.

What should I do if I didn't received money in time?

If the money is not received within 48 hours, - please feel free to contact the support by convenient way.

In the history of withdrawals it writes "Processing". I didn't get money. What I should do?

This happens due to the unstable payment systems operation. You need to write to the support if the payment has not enrolled within 48 hours.

Affiliate program questions
Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in your affiliate program?

No, It is free to earn from our affiliate program without having to make an investment with our company. You only need to open an account and start to promote our site.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We have two types of affliate program. One is standard and the second is for representatives. You will get up to 3%--10% from the first tier level referrals from the our affiliate program,for the deal you can direct contact us with support emial .

special reminder

For the affiliate program, we need to emphasize that if you deliberately abuse our the ref commission by mulitple accounts, we will have the right to close all your investment accounts,as long as we have evidence That you violate the rules, All funds will be forfeited and non-refundable---If you have any questions, please contact us directly with support email.

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