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Bitcoin Investment Bulletin

Due to the increased recognition cost of the entire Bitcoin transaction network, the Company will now start to raise the minimum bitcoin investment amount to 0.1 bitcoin, the minimum bitcoin withdrawal amount must be greater than 0.0014 bitcoin。

The lowest number of blockchain transactions Will be followed by other minimum investment channels remain unchanged, I am very grateful to each investor and hourpay companies together after a brief and long year, we are stable and have a good reputation.

Date: Nov-17-2017 10:02:39 AM

Update for customers with bitcoin stored on HourPayLtd

Please note that BTCC DAX, will temporarily suspend bitcoin deposits and withdrawals at 4:00 AM (UTC) on Monday, July 31st ahead of the hard fork. We will let customers know when bitcoin deposits and withdrawals resume; we will aim to resume bitcoin deposits and withdrawals as soon as possible after the hard fork

Customers may find that BTC transfer confirmations are slow or that transactions are not confirmed around the time that the hard fork occurs. BTCC will strive to process customers' bitcoin transfers as quickly as possible, but whether or not bitcoin transfers are confirmed will depend on the stability of the bitcoin network after the hard fork. As such, BTCC cannot guarantee that bitcoin deposits to customers’ accounts after we suspend deposits at 4:00 AM (UTC) on Monday,

Date: Aug-1-2017 08:41:50 AM


Recently, with new major shareholders joining in, HourPay restructuring has completed.Meanwhile, with the soaring price of BTC, the company profits rise up sharply. Thanks for all Hour pay Ltd investors participating in, we decide to adjust the following reward system, from 15th, June to 30th, September.
1.Single investment amount between $3000-$5000, receive 30% of the bonus reward
2.Single investment amount between $5001-$50000, receive 50% of the bonus reward
3.Single investment amount between $50001-$500000, receive 100% of the bonus reward, and will enjoy Hour pay Ltd invitation to attend the annual Dubai headquarters reception, to share Hour pay Ltd annual total profit of 3% as reward. Looking forward to meet with you in Dubai.

Date: Jun-10-2017 09:14:28 AM

About Btc withdrawal info

Due to the block chain confirmation is too slow, we will be in 72 hours to complete your Btc withdrawal, very sorry, but also thanks for your patience

Date: Mar-7-2017 08:02:02 AM

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